My Pet


An NFT collection of 8888 Pet Hooligans – unique 3D characters built with a wide range of utilities and traits on the Ethereum blockchain.

8888 pet Hooligans

An interactive NFT experience from AMGI Studios

The Story

For years they were forced to farm $karrots and were bound to cages at the mercy of their overlord Metazuckbot, CEO of Zuck Corp. A rebellion ensued, where all 8888 Bunnies managed to free themselves from captivity to realize their true potential in a new world void of constraints and laws.


The Hooligans split into 7 factions, ranging from the Hare Raisers to the Cypherbuns – all with one mission, to disrupt Metazuckbot's Zuck Corp. Some of the factions however, returned to the dark side. Through experimentation and dark arts, they were programmed to combat the rebellion. An eighth faction was born!

Rabbit Hole

Welcome to our Metaverse. My Pet Hooligan is a desktop PvP video game built in Unreal Engine 5.0 that takes place in our proprietary Metaverse The Rabbit Hole. In this play-to-earn game, Hooligans earn $karrots and raise hell in the streets, fighting against Metazuckbot to end the centralized metaverse.

Hooligram is a proprietary real time animation application designed for MPH NFT holders. The app enables users to animate and control their NFT character through real-time motion capture of facial expressions to create User Generated Content (UGC).

Download Hooligram App

Where can I purchase a Hooligan?

All Genesis Hooligans have been minted. There will be other opportunities to enter the ecosystem. For now all Hooligans are available on OpenSea.

What are $karrots and what are the tokenomics?

The My Pet Hooligan ecosystem and The Rabbit Hole play-to-earn game will be powered by the $Karrot token. The $Karrot token is an ERC-20 token that will be solely for use in the My Pet Hooligan ecosystem. Please see the Orange Paper.

Which blockchain and what is the contract address?

The NFTS are ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. The contract address is 0x09233d553058c2F42ba751C87816a8E9FaE7Ef10

Will there be rarities?

Yes. Please see the Orange Paper.

What will the gameplay be like?

Think GTA meets Zootopia. Please see our discord and Twitter for sneak peeks.

Any early development footage?

Yes join our Discord and Twitter to see Sneak Peeks.

The AMGI team of exceptional artists and visionaries continue to apply their talents bringing top quality and originality to the MPH project.

Colin Brady

Kevin Mack

Asif Zamil

Carl Schembri

West Paglia

Luke Paglia

Luke Skyhopper

Please see Orange Paper for team bios.